Stone Cold Meats

A Legacy of Quality Meats Founded by Sean and Ami Stone

At Stone Cold Meats, our longstanding commitment to our community started decades ago, fueled by a deep passion for delivering the highest-quality meats with exceptional customer service. From our very beginnings, we’ve embraced a tradition of excellence, inspired by the hands-on dedication of our founders. Our story is a testament to our unyielding commitment to not only offering premium cuts and unmatched flavors but also ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our valued customers.

Stone Cold Meats History

Unveiling a Legacy of Quality and Tradition

At the core of Stone Cold Meats is a narrative steeped in both passion and expertise, exemplified by our founders, Sean and Ami Stone. Boasting over two decades of invaluable experience in the meat industry, Sean’s professional odyssey commenced with an apprenticeship in the region north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Over the years, he meticulously refined his skills, becoming a master in the art of butchery with the finest meat cuts while delivering exceptional service.

In 2018, recognizing a unique opportunity for both personal and communal growth, Sean and his wife Ami decided the timing was ideal to launch Stone Cold Meats. Motivated by Sean’s enduring passion for high-quality meats and complemented by Ami’s collective expertise in business and analytics, the couple envisioned a haven where the pillars of quality, service, and community engagement would harmoniously converge.

Since its establishment, Stone Cold Meats has not only thrived but also perpetuated the high standards set by its founders. The journey of Sean and Ami has become the cornerstone of our brand identity, symbolizing an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence in both meats and customer service.

Widest Selection Of Cuts in Houston

Widest Selection of Cuts in Houston

True Artisan Butchery

True Artisan Butchery

Handcrafted Sausage

Handcrafted Sausage

Superior Genetics

Superior Genetics

All Natural Local Selections

All Natural Local Selections

Stone Cold Meats Team

Crafting Perfection with a Collective Vision


Director League City & Cypress

Meet Daniel aka ``Danny P,`` a valued member of the Stone Cold Meats team. Danny's expertise shines through as he serves up top-quality cuts of meat and warm smiles to our cherished customers. At Stone Cold Meats, exceptional customer service is at our core, and Danny P embodies this commitment with every interaction. We're proud to have him on board, making your visits to Stone Cold Meats both delicious and delightful.


Chef/Market Manager

Introducing Kenneth, our esteemed Chef and Market Manager. While a classically trained chef may not be a necessity for your everyday dinner, it's essential for crafting our signature oven-to-table meals at Stone Cold Meats. A graduate of the prestigious Lenotre Culinary Institute, Kenneth brings an unparalleled skill set to our culinary team. When he's not innovating in our kitchen, you'll find him expertly managing our meat selection, ensuring only the finest cuts make it to your table.

Stone Cold Meats Community Involvement

Nourishing More Than Appetites

Beyond being a purveyor of premium meats, Stone Cold Meats is deeply invested in nurturing the communities we serve. We believe in giving back and supporting initiatives that enrich the lives of our neighbors.

Through various philanthropic endeavors, we actively contribute to sustainable farming practices, local charitable causes, and educational programs. By nourishing more than just appetites, we hope to make a positive impact that resonates far beyond the dinner table.

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